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Course Title Age group Type Level
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 19+ Adult (19+) pt

ESOL courses offer you an exciting opportunity to improve your English in a variety of real-life situations. As well as having access to the College enrichment programme, ESOL learners will have the opportunity to go on a variety of visits, including museum trips and visits to Central London and Southend.

What next?

At the end of the course you can progress to the next level. When your English is strong enough you will have the opportunity to progress to vocational courses, whilst continuing to receive English support.

“I really like the lessons, because my teacher is there when I need her and we always work hard and build confidence.”
Anwouska Kuamadio, ESOL Entry 3

Information about English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is also available in the following languages:


Bang! Colourful balloons are being burst by learners at the front of the classroom and an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) lesson at Redbridge College is underway.

Falling out of the balloons are well-known English words.

Lecturer Marissa explains that the individual words can be added together to form collocations – combinations of words commonly used in everyday British life.

In small groups, learners work together to form as many combinations as they can.

Some words they are familiar with, while others are new.

A short time later, the groups present their findings in English to their friends in the class. 

Redbridge College’s ESOL provision was rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted on their most recent inspection of the college in 2010.

Sessions take place at the college’s Ilford campus, conveniently located in Ilford town centre opposite Ilford rail station.

Back in the classroom, Marissa has presented learners with a holiday postcard.

Learners discuss the style of language used, and then take part in further practical activities designed to improve their reading and understand of English.

Later, learners are able to produce their own post card using some of the English spelling and grammar they have learnt in the day’s session.

Marissa spends time with each learner, answering their individual questions and encouraging them to be expressive with their language.

Piraba Selvaratnam studies ESOL at Redbridge College.

She says: “The ESOL teachers are very encouraging and have helped to support me a lot.

“The lessons are a lot of fun, I really enjoy it.

“My English has improved so much. I would definitely recommend studying at Redbridge College for anyone wanting to study ESOL.”


  • FT = Full Time
  • PT = Part Time